Churchyard Guidelines

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The Parochial Church Council have authorised the following as approved good practice.

1. The placing of real flowers/ fresh floral tributes in the appropriate vessel on the plinth only. This is to allow the grass to be cut and will ensure less damage to the mower. We cannot remove and replace items which are on the grass, Jam jars, bottles and the like are not permitted as they constitute a health and safety risk.

2. The placing of a memorial stone and the addition of an inscription are both subject to the approval of the Team Rector.

A drawing and/ or photograph giving all sizes, the wording and any images will need to accompany every application. Your funeral director or stonemason will be able to assist and advise.

3. Following the burial, there will be a "settlement" of the plot as the earth covering is broken down; therefore, a minimum of 6 months should elapse before the erection of any memorial. Please note that if any grave or stone becomes unsafe in any way, it is the responsibiliy of the family and not the Sutton Team or Sutton Parish Church to make it safe.

4. Guidance on Size of Memorials

Size: Between 2' 6" and 4' high.

Between 1' 8" and 3' wide.

Between 3" and 6" thick


Black, White, Grey or Reddish Brown in stone or marble. Modern materials such as concrete, glass, steel, wood or plastic are not considered suitable.

Shapes Shapes such as hearts or open books are not permitted.

Wording Wording should be simple and reverent, for instance appropriate quotations from the Bible and other literary sources. Later additions to an inscription should be consistent with the original, in size, style and quality of execution and require specific approval. The use of overfamiliar or colloquial terms are inappropriate for what is a public statement.


Simple images such as an open bible, church window, etc. will be allowed but no bigger than 16" x 8". Please note that photographs are not permitted.

5. Following final "settlement" of the plot, the area in front of the headstone will be topped up with soil and grassed by Sutton Team Parish. In order to facilitate the cutting of grass, and for safety reasons, objects may not be placed on or around the plot.

6. Please note that permission must be sought in writing before undertaking any alterations to the grave plot including but not limited to headstone restoration, additional inscriptions or replacements.

7. In accordance with the Church of England Handbook, we regret that the Parochial Church Council cannot permit the following:

The creation of a 'garden' of any kind;

The placing of any enclosure including side stones/ kerbs/ fencing/ mock fencing around a grave;

The placing of any chippings, stone, ornaments or otherwise;

The placing of any object on the grave itself without the written permission of the Team Rector.




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